Ritchies Boonah Arts Festival

Saturday August 31st - Saturday September 7th

Writing Competition

    Writing Entry Conditions
  1. Entries close at 5pm on Monday 19th August.
  2. No theme required.
  3. Short Story – Open to all ages, a maximum of 1,500 words.
  4. 100 Word Story- the story, NOT including the title, must contain 100 words exactly, not 99 or 101.  
  5. Poetry – a maximum of 300 words. 
  6. Short Story Youth – Primary School maximum 500 words.
  7. Short Story Youth – High School maximum 1000 words. 
  8. Multiple entries will be accepted.
  9. Entries must contain a Title at the top of each page but NOT the Authors name.
  10. Entries must be the original and sole work of the author and NOT previously published.
  11. Entries may be published on the arts festival website, social media and printed.
  12. 2nd prize will only be awarded where there are 4 or more entries in any category.
  13. All entries must be in a Word or text document, double spaced, font: Times New Roman, font size 12.
  14. All entries must be uploaded on the entry form or with Get In Touch  identifying the Competition, Category, and title of the work.
Entry Fees

Members  $10

Non-members  $20

School students Free

Membership must be current at 16 August

Click Here to join or renew your membership.