Ritchies Boonah Arts Festival

August 31st – September 7th

2023 Winners

2023 Winners


Judge: Liz Davenport


1st: All Tied Up created by Diane Weber and modelled by Bec. What do we do with all those ties that hang in the wardrobe for decades. Move them on to Vinnies or Lifeline, or….?


2nd: Bohemian Rhapsody created by Prudence Stewart and modelled by Kayla. From the era of broderie anglaise lace bedding and crochet lace round side tablecloths


Highly Commended: Memories of Gran created by Vicki Hopkins and modelled by Mia. A re-loved preloved tablecloth used for many of her 101 years shared with friends and family over a cup of tea and homemade cake and biscuits.


A Touch Of Class

1st: Holiday Barbie created and modelled by Andy Gilmore. I was inspired by the first ever holiday Barbie; Holiday Barbie 1988. The corset was constructed using glitter foam and embellished with glitter tulle straps. The skirt was constructed using red cotton for the petticoat and glitter tulle for the skirt. The bows are made from white satin.


2nd: Dressed to Party created by Diane Weber and modelled by Jennie. This outfit took its inspiration from that amazing 1920 and ‘30s party time fashion by Madeleine Vionnet. Our lovely model is all decked out and ready to party in a shimmering body skimming garment that creates a slinky and feminine silhouette. Accessorised by a faux fur elbow length cape, keeping her warm on a chilly starlit evening.


Highly Commended:
Fantasy Felt
created by Jacqueline Keeble and modelled by Zoe. Felted dress onto silk bodice.


Wearable Art

1st: The Missing Piece created by Lacey Sawtell and modelled by Sophie. What do you do when you finally complete that jigsaw puzzle to find a piece or two is missing.  Too beautiful to throw out, too annoying to keep.  Just turn it into a wearable art dress, umbrella and handbag.


2nd: Queen of Crinkle created and modelled by Carole Kompenhans. The  dress is made from recycled  chip packets. The bodice pattern  is based on an historical design from 1655. The pieces were joined together to form the “fabric” using heat.


Highly Commended: ‘I Do’ created by Toni McIsaac and modelled by Teliyah. Made from  wrappers from “who gives a crap” toilet paper. Hence the name  “I do”.  The wrappers are glued to the bubble wrap base. It has homemade wooden buttons; a matching hat and a handbag complement the out fit.



Judge: Olivia Jayne de Zilva (Judge’s comments in brackets)

100 Word Story

1st: Shift by Sharyn Dent

2nd: Rainforest Reverie by Rae Tinworth

Short Story – Open​

(I just thought these stories had really interesting tones and points of view. They were both darkly humorous and heart warming.)

1st:  Company for Three by Julie Vellacott. Playing with the idea of telling a story from different perspectives. I liked the idea of three very different people being thrown together.

2nd:  Satisfaction by Brenda Campbell. My neighbour’s mischievous cat.

Short Story Youth – Primary School

1st: Sick Day by Minna Ehrich

2nd: A Castle by Nayana Joshy

Highly Commended: The Becoming by Kieran Smith

Poetry Open

(Both used fascinating language and painted an interesting picture for the reader.)

1st: Alone by Candlelight by Margaret Heath. The poem began many years ago as a piece called Candle Magic. After the death of my husband in 1999, burning a candle seemed to be a comforting thing to do to fill the long nights.

2nd: The Storm by Julie Vellacott. It intrigues me when you can hear and see rain approaching. Last years storms seemed to approach stealthily.


Judge: Jane Anderson

Paint: Oil, Watercolour Or Acrylic

1st: Coming Home by Denise Taylor. This landscape is painted in acrylic and is of a property at Walloon.

2nd:  Mow Cop by Christine Parry. Oil on board.

Highly Commended:
Wash Day by Glen Smith. Mischievous but lovable magpies having a bit of fun with Dad’s undies as they dry on the washing line.

Mixed Media: More than one medium or material used

1st:   Eastern Water Dragon by Vikki Rose.

Set in a Gondwana rainforest, this Eastern Water Dragon is the result of cloth staining, machine stitching, fabric collage, beading, hand embroidery and ink pencils.

2nd: That’ll Do, Pig by Nigel Gillespie. Oil, Beeswax & Enamel.  Influenced by the landscape, sky, paddocks, dams, fences.  Nearing completion and deciding the final touch to be the skin on the top of the paint tin.  I thought of Farmer Hogget (Babe) and his endearing words. “That’ll do pig. That’ll do”

Highly Commended: Colour of Rain by Ann Window. Bright rain washing away the greys.

Works on Paper: Pastels, pencil and ink

1st: Tuko waiting for Mary by Maureen See. A3 graphite portrait of a dog.

2nd: Tall Tales by Abigail Lawrence. Based on photos taken by Mark Lawrence at Darling Downs Zoo and painted with soft pastels and pastel pencils on Fisher400 paper.

Highly Commended:
Man’s Best Friend by Barbara Graham. This picture depicts man’s best friend. His buddy, his pal, his best friend. He comes in many shapes and sizes but is always steadfast and loyal.


1st: Standing the Test of Time by Grant Quinn. If these walls could talk. This grand old structure stands tall and proud but tired.

2nd:Glistening Web by Mandy Stenton. First morning light on a spiderweb with the glistening dew on it.

Highly Commended: Serenity by Ann Window. Water refections

3D: Sculpture, pottery, jewellery, felting and other art forms not attached to a board, canvas or paper

1st:  Ball of Flowers by Wendy Badke. A celebration of Spring. This floral explosion of colour represents hope, joy and happiness. The fibre glass encases my exercise ball and my captured energy gives life to the glass mosaic

2nd: Miss E Scooter by Toni McIsaac. Miss E scooter is made entirely of recycled parts, is environmentally friendly, and has zero emissions. You can even plug her in. 

Highly Commended: Where Does It All Go? by Andrea Baumert Howard. Sculpture made from 100% recycled paper.

Youth (High School): Any media of choice

1st:  Textiles by Annabelle Ferrar

2nd:  Shark by Matilda Mason

Highly Commended: Fairie Soirie by Ruby Ehrich

Highly Commended: Lino prints.

Samantha Goulding

George Watkins

Willis Ehrich

Youth (Primary School): Any media of choice

1st:  Black Bird by Braxtyn Banks

2nd:  Windows to our World by Roadvale State School

Highly Commended: Ocean Diorama by Maicie Shears

Special Mention: Flower Pot Sculptures by All Saints School Grade 1

Special Mention: Junky Upcycyled Puppets by All Saints School Prep

People’s Choice

Pretty Boy by Lisa Paget. Black Cockatoo, watercolour. This piece displays the luminosity and detail of these mischievous Australian outback icons.